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23 Dec. 2008

Frontlines Episode 10 – A Very Special Christmas Episode

Join our host, Michael Cohen, in this very special Christmas episode, as he gives us the news, reviews that last two episodes of The Clone Wars for 2008, and entertains some very special guests.  All this and Christmas music too! And don’t forget to check out our new forums at Play in new […]

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21 Dec. 2008

It’s HOTH COLD out there!

I’m a terrible, TERRIBLE podcast host.  Severe winter conditions are stopping me from having the time to get the next episode of Frontlines recorded…but I swear this, you will have it before Christmas Eve, if I have to hire a cadre of Bounty Hunters to stand at my computer desk and force me to record!  […]

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17 Dec. 2008

New Episode

Hey everyone.  Hope you’re all having a great holiday season.  Sorry for the lack of episode this past week.  I came down with the flu, and have been trying to catch up all week.  Now that I am mostly caught up, you can expect a huge, RANCOR sized episode this weekend.  I’ll recap the last […]

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04 Dec. 2008

Frontlines: Episode IX

This week our host, Michael Cohen is joined by a special guest, Steve Glosson of Geek Out Loud, the Official Podcast of!  Join them as they report on some very prestigious news, recap the episode Bombad Jedi, and just generally ramble about Star Wars.  Also this episode, Hate Mail! Play in new window […]

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