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28 Mar. 2009

Red Alert!!!

Hey everyone!  There’s no new episode this week, as there’s some big news coming up in the next few days!  Stay tuned to for some big changes!!! Engage!

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21 Mar. 2009

Frontlines: Episode 21

Are you serious? It’s on time this week? Ok, well maybe not on time…but not necessarily late either! It’s Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast! In this episode, Michael Cohen runs down some news, recaps the episode Liberty on Ryloth, and clarifies a few things. It’s a good time for all! Play in new window […]

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19 Mar. 2009


His name is Cad Bane, and he’s in control now.  And has a clip of him in tomorrow night’s season 1 finale of The Clone Wars!  Enjoy!

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17 Mar. 2009

Meet Cad Bane…

There’s a new bounty hunter in town, and has a clip featuring him. Buckle up, kids, because the season finale is going to be one heck of a ride!

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14 Mar. 2009

Frontlines: Episode 20

Can you believe it? Frontlines is back again this week with it’s 20th episode! In this edition, our host, Michael Cohen, updates news from earlier this week, recaps the episode Innocents of Ryloth, talks about himself, and announces a very special new contest! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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13 Mar. 2009

Here They Come… has posted a clip from tonight’s episode, “Liberty on Ryloth”.  If you’re sitting you better stand, and if you’re standing, you’d better sit down, cuz this one’s a doozy!  Mace Windu in all his awesome glory: And stay tuned for a new episode of Frontlines, recapping the episode Innocents of Ryloth, later this weekend!

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10 Mar. 2009

Frontlines: Episode 19

Are you serious? Can it be? Is it finally here? The answer to all three is yes! Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast returns for it’s 19th episode! This week, host, Michael Cohen, recaps the episode Storm Over Ryloth, reports on some exciting speculation, tells you his idea for an episode, and more! Play in […]

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06 Mar. 2009

Innocence Revealed has posted two clips from tonight’s episode Innocents of Ryloth.  This promises to be an excellent episode. Now that you’ve had your spoonful of sugar, here comes the medicine…Frontlines: Episode 19 won’t be out until Monday. If you need a reason, blame it on Watchmen.

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