29 Nov. 2012

“Secret Weapons” Preview

Here’s our sneak preview at this week’s new “Clone Wars” episode titled, “Secret Weapons.” This episode kicks off a brand new four-part arc that focuses on R2-D2 and other droids on an important mission for the Republic, as they are sent to steal an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought.

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19 Oct. 2012

The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Four Blu-Ray/DVD Preview!

The Clone Wars: The Complete Season Four Blu-Ray and DVD set comes out this Tuesday October 23rd, and I couldn’t be more excited for it! To hold us fans over until then, Lucasfilm has given us a preview of all the great features we can look forward to on this set! And here’s a look […]

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16 Oct. 2012

Cad Bane Featurette Preview From The Clone Wars Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD Set

“The Clone Wars” season 4 Blu-Ray and DVD set comes out next week on October 23rd, and Lucasfilm has released this preview of one of the featurettes from the set that focuses on Cade Bane. Check it out to see Dave Filoni explain why Cade Bane uses a toothpick.

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