11 Dec. 2009

Holiday Giveaway

As promised in this week’s episode of Frontlines, we’re giving away one Star Wars iPhone 3G Case to one of you! All you have to do is answer this piece of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trivia!


Pictured above is a mount creature that was featured in an episode from Season One of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. What you need to do is email us at mike@clonewarspodcast.com and let us know what episode the creature is from, the name of the creature, and it’s first appearance in the Star Wars Universe (Be careful! There’s a couple of possible answers to this question, but only one is right!). That’s right, listeners, we’re making you work for it! So goo luck, and the first one to email me with all three correct answers wins the Darth Vader iPhone 3G Case!

The Winner will be announced on our upcoming Holiday Special episode!

If you’re the type that believes there’s no such thing luck, here’s how you can secure your very own Star Wars iPhone 3G Case:

Star Wars iPhone cases for 3G and 3Gs are now available just in time for the holidays!  Featuring either Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper, these hard cases are made of durable plastic or flexible silicone construction that hugs the iPhone and keeps them safe from nicks and bumps while allowing for full functionality.  They are now available for purchase online through Amazon.com and at select Apple Stores for $29.95.


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  1. Obiwan94 says:

    Who won?!

    Your #1 fan Aaron Altimus

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